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About me 

Hi! I'm Rachel. I'm a group fitness instructor and personal trainer who recently relocated to San Diego on a mission to empower people through fitness.


I'm tired of fitness being a space of punishment. Fitness should be a space where you can celebrate your body. To me, it is the ultimate expression of self love—we give ourselves space to be challenged, but on the other side of that challenge is growth and celebration. Every person needs to be able to experience that. It will change their life.

I help people become more confident, take more risks, and live the life they truly want to live. Unlike most fitness programs, which focus on weight loss and use that as a lure, I focus on connection and the whole person, and I reconnect people to who they are


My story 


I started my fitness journey with CrossFit when I was 14 years old. CrossFit helped me develop an appreciation for my body that was desperately needed for my insecure teenage self. Learning how strong I really am has impacted everything I do, and I want to share that feeling with the world. 

The gym has always been a place where I can have fun, connect with my body, and admire its strength. Not every day is perfect, but exercise has never been and never will be a punishment for me. 

It wasn't until I started coaching that I realized that's not the case for a lot of people. If you find yourself forcing yourself into exercising, you've found the right place!

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