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Rachel stood out to me as a coach instantly—not only for her clear instruction and use of neutral language but her personality. She was approachable when needing help with form or understanding an exercise in more depth. One of my favorite things about her classes was how she explained the responses we have in our brain when feeling discomfort or fatigue during the workouts. That really helped me understand my own internal script and how to push myself in a healthy way. It's refreshing to have a coach like Rachel who acknowledges and counters the sexism that exists in toxic gym culture. I walked away from her classes empowered and with a lot more physical and emotional strength



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Rachel.  What can I say other than she is exactly the coach that I need to motivate me, to challenge me and to make me want to show up and give-it my all. But beyond that Rachel is also a coach that knows how to approach fitness for all levels, all sizes and most importantly for me, all ages. I'm 50 years old and I love to throw weights around and push myself hard during a breath-taking workout. But I can't afford to injure myself.  Rachel is always there with her eagle eye, checking my form, helping me to correct my weaknesses and to improve my fitness over all, plus she just gets me



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Rachel’s knowledge of movement and form combined with her unique approach of getting tuned into your inner strength is powerful. I have left every class feeling energized both physically and mentally. Rachel is supportive and encouraging, she pushes you through your workout and cheers for you when you’ve finished. 




Rachel is amazing, professional, and will definitely help you achieve your fitness goal! She is very knowledgeable, knows when to push and when to cheer you on. I also love how she incorporates mental health along with physical fitness, and is great at breaking down information so it is easily understood allowing you to apply it to your everyday routine.



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